The Google Dance and Organic SERP

The past year or so has been a bumpy ride for the business that derives a good percentage of its revenue from its position in search engine results placement (SERP). In its never ending quest to weed out spam results, sometimes Google throws the baby out with bathwater. There has been quite a few major search algorithm updates, like Panda, Penguin and the latest, EMD. SEO professionals, even the white hats, and their clients are riding this bucking bronco with white knuckles. Sometimes your website is up at the top, then disappears entirely for a short while, then may or may not reappear. It could be any company website, large or small. This is called the “Google Dance”.
Other websites, like some of my clients and my own NicksWebWorks, manage to stay at the top for some very good longtail keywords. The broader keywords are much more competitive and the advantage could go to the marketing departments that have large budgets. That doesn’t have to be the case.
You can do all the SEO voodoo you want, but it still comes down to relevant content. Your website has to have all the right words in the right places and that requires incredible attention to detail. Software spinners won’t cut it, so it has to be done by humans. That’s where all your money goes.

Just In Time For The Holidays

So you got that large, flat screen TV for Christmas? Get it hooked up and on your wall by the professionals, new NWW web design client LuxEntertainment

rockin the wordpress – again

welcome back. been awhile. setting this up for new posts. meanwhile visit new nic clients, the first, Dusty Car Buyerz in Burbank buy and sell used cars. They have some great cars for sale and are always ready to pay cash if you want to sell your used car, truck, SUV, RV, motorcycle, even boats! If it has wheels, they are very interested in buying you vehicle.

The other is for all you party people. Ride up to 30 of your closest friends in luxury and style with the Stars R Us party bus limousine. This is a totally custom bus customized as a luxury limo with leather seating, killer sound system, big screen LCDs, a mini bar, even a stripper pole! Arrive safe with no worries and nothing but fun.

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Rounded Corners and IE9 – ’bout time

Hallelujah! Internet Explorer 9 does “rounded corners”!
“What?!” you say? The strangely psychological effect certain web design elements, like rounded corners on borders in web pages, have on viewers is undeniable. To get that desirable “look”, it required a ham-fisted technique of slicing images all over the page. But css (Cascading Style Sheets) has had a more elegant code solution. That’s great if your browsing with Firefox, Chrome and Safari or other standards compliant browsers but not with Microsoft’s IE.
As usual, the once “innovative” (or first to “nick” then profit from it) Microsoft is really late to the party with their latest Internet Explorer version 9. Much has been said about MS “borrowing” technologies, but, geez louise, IE 9 opens like Chrome!
At least now it does “rounded corners” in css so maybe there’s other standards compliant code in the new browser. Either way, it’s time to upgrade if you haven’t already. And tell your friends and family.
Please. If yer gonna browse with MSIE, at least get the latest IE 9. It’s free.
Thank You
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There’s a New Electrologist in Town

Nick’s Web Works welcomes “Chava” Electrolysis and Massage to the NWW family of websites!
Chava recently relocated from Los Angeles to San Francisco with her husband who landed a great gig with a large internet game company (Zynga, for all you “farmville” players), leaving behind a loyal and dedicated clientele. To help get her going in her new home in San Francisco, she commissioned a custom web site to help her get established in the Bay Area. After shopping around for a web designer and trying some DIY website programs, she found Nick’s Web Works on a Local LA business directory. While perusing the NWW site, she noticed “Electryogi” in the Gallery page, and a testimonial from Nicole P. about the results she got with NWW’s SEO “Tune-up” (search “electrolysis los angeles” or “electrologist los angeles” and find ElectroYogi at the top just below a couple “yelps”).

chava electrolysis screen shot nickswebworks

Totally designed from the ground up with NWW’s “Clean Code Advantage”, a modern web design technique proven to rank high in local search results for small business.
Keep an eye out for Google search “electrolysis San Francisco” and other related terms to see how long it takes to go from zero to hero in search results placement (SRP)-

Ready? Set? Go!

Chava sunflower logo by Nick Sharpe

Chrome Won’t Get You Home!

chrome harley chopper

chrome wont get you home -improve your google rank with Nicks Web Works SEO Web Design

The old Harley riders would look at the new guy’s shiney motorcycle and wonder why he spent a lot of money on chrome but invested nothing in the motor or transmission! Sure enough, the bike breaks down out in the desert, far from anywhere and that’s when he learned “Chrome Won’t Get You Home!”. Yes, you have a good looking web site, but if it’s not built right, with Nicks Web Work’s Clean Code Advantage from the ground up, you might as well be broke down out in the middle of nowhere because the search engines can’t find you! And neither can your prospective customers and clients.

“Graphics also do nothing to help a site get discovered by search engines like Google or Yahoo. Those sites troll the Internet for key words, as well as the frequency and quality of one site that links to another.”
– intro to Google’s SEO guide

Organic Search Results Placement (SRP) vs Pay Per Click (ppc)

Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include “pay per click” (ppc) advertising. According to the PEW research center, users avoid clicking results they know to be ads. Market research has proven “organic” search engine results placement (serp) is trusted by over 75% of people who use search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing to get the relevant info they need. The reasons are obvious if you have ever clicked on a ppc ad that was not relevant to your search! Anybody can buy “pay per click” (ppc) ads but “organic” serp will most likely return the info you need to solve a problem, satisfy a desire or both because the content of your website is relevant to the search terms.

ppc is temporary – seo is forever!

Nick’s Web Works’ brand of “on-page” seo, known as the “Clean Code Advantage” has put our clients at or near the top of Google, Yahoo and bing organic search results. It’s the solid foundation from which to build your search engine marketing strategy. Give your business the “Clean Code Advantage” and get found online TODAY. What are you waiting for?
Let’s get started!

she’s bad…

… she’s nationwide!
Q) How do you take a small local biz and get nationwide (maybe even global) exposure? Without appearing naked on TV or blowing something up?

A) Have your business website built from the ground up with NicksWebWorks “Clean Code Advantage” on-page SEO web design for improved Google search engine results placement SERP.

No promises. Just proven results.

Today’s case study is Nicole P’s electrolysis studio ElectroYogi. She is the guru of permanent hair removal, a licensed electrologist with her home based business in Los Angeles. Like many small biz owners working with limited funds, she designed her own web site using her webhost’s “Website Tonite” do-it-yourself brain surgery kit, er, WYSIWYG program. It’s a pleasant and informative web site, but didn’t rank ANYWHERE in search.
After seeing the results I was able to get for my other clients, she came to Nick’s Web Works with a very tight budget, so we just went with an SEO “tune-up”. After sifting thru tons of extraneous code that these kind of programs generate (and google hates!), I went about completely recoding her 5 pages with xhtml and css, the basis of NWW’s “Clean Code Advantage” web design system. This particular coding technique separates the structure (html) and content of a page from the style (css, cascading style sheets), taking all the “speeedbumps” out of google’s way as it scans the content for relevancy. That, and strategically placed keywords in specific attributes (or tags) put Nicole’s on the front page for over a half dozen search terms.
That was 6 months ago.
Guess what? she’s still there! and her major competition ZapaHair is only on the page because of pay per click. A report from PEW marketing research proves that over 75% of searchers trust organic results over paid ads (for obvious reasons). So not only does ElectroYogi have more “cred”, she saves more “bread”!
How cool is that?
Look at this (click to enlarge)

ElectroYogi local business gets nationwide exposure with Nicks Web Works

ElectroYogi local business gets nationwide exposure with Nicks Web Works SEO web design

You see? What are you waiting for? EZ payment plans available! Call or email Now!
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bye 4 now


ppc is temporary – seo is forever!

Nicks Web Works SEO web design gets you to the top of Google search and the Clean Code Advantage keeps you there. Since last summer, and Chequered Flag are STILL at the top of Google search for their market niche. Not just page 1, but 4 of the TOP 5 ORGANIC SRP (search results placement).

No promises. Just proven results

Top 4 of 5 ORGANIC Google search results placement for Nicks Web Works clients since August 2010

Nicks Web Works "Clean Code Advantage" puts our clients in 4 of the Top 5 of Google ORGANIC search results placement SIX MONTHS IN A ROW-click to enlarge

That’s the “Clean Code Advantage” at work 6 months later proving the old axiom:
“ppc is temporary – seo is forever!”

Everybody’s doing it. They’re looking for whatever it is they want with search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing. Today, in order to be competitive, your website needs to be found online by the folks already searching for what you have to offer. And that’s just what Nick’s Web Works SEO web design helps you do – GET FOUND ONLINE.

A modest investment in clean code design from the start is the strong foundation for your Search Engine Marketing (sem) strategy, giving you the biggest bang for the buck.
Why not do the same for your business, entertainment or organization website?
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lingo: ppc pay per click; seo search engine optimization; srp search results placement; xhtml extensible hyper text markup language (say THAT 5 times real fast!); css cascading style sheets (ex: you build the foundation and frame the house with html, then you place doors, windows, wall and trim colors, roof style and landscaping with css. get it?)
any questions feel free to ask!

soon… and not for very much longer…

feverishly using my holiday downtime from client jobs to FINALLY redo the nickswebworks site
and, my music and web design venture.
putting the finishing touches on NWW

for a preview and

seems nickswebworks is minimalist business style and bop35 more wild stylee.

stay tooned!

Feelin’ Lucky … AGAIN

NicksWebWorks does it AGAIN! This time for Dave Weiss’ b2b appointment setting service, “The Appointment Source” in New York. Search “qualified sales appointments” in Google. Click the “I Feel Lucky” button and TAS comes up NUMERO UNO (turn off “instant is on” to the right of search box). The best, most cost effective advertising is top Google search results placement (srp).

Get Found Online
Everybody’s doing it. Before your prospects, customers or clients step onto your premises or click over to your online store, they are looking for whatever it is they want with search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing! Today, in order to remain competitive, your business website needs to be found online by the consumers already searching for the products and services that you sell. And that’s just what NicksWebWorks SEO web design helps you do – GET FOUND ONLINE.

NicksWebWorks has proven time and again to get search results placement (srp) at or near the top for our web design clients. Do you have a million dollar advertising budget? Then doesn’t it make sense to make a small investment in proper web site design? Call or email today and get the “Clean Code Advantage” system working for you now.


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