she’s bad…

… she’s nationwide!
Q) How do you take a small local biz and get nationwide (maybe even global) exposure? Without appearing naked on TV or blowing something up?

A) Have your business website built from the ground up with NicksWebWorks “Clean Code Advantage” on-page SEO web design for improved Google search engine results placement SERP.

No promises. Just proven results.

Today’s case study is Nicole P’s electrolysis studio ElectroYogi. She is the guru of permanent hair removal, a licensed electrologist with her home based business in Los Angeles. Like many small biz owners working with limited funds, she designed her own web site using her webhost’s “Website Tonite” do-it-yourself brain surgery kit, er, WYSIWYG program. It’s a pleasant and informative web site, but didn’t rank ANYWHERE in search.
After seeing the results I was able to get for my other clients, she came to Nick’s Web Works with a very tight budget, so we just went with an SEO “tune-up”. After sifting thru tons of extraneous code that these kind of programs generate (and google hates!), I went about completely recoding her 5 pages with xhtml and css, the basis of NWW’s “Clean Code Advantage” web design system. This particular coding technique separates the structure (html) and content of a page from the style (css, cascading style sheets), taking all the “speeedbumps” out of google’s way as it scans the content for relevancy. That, and strategically placed keywords in specific attributes (or tags) put Nicole’s on the front page for over a half dozen search terms.
That was 6 months ago.
Guess what? she’s still there! and her major competition ZapaHair is only on the page because of pay per click. A report from PEW marketing research proves that over 75% of searchers trust organic results over paid ads (for obvious reasons). So not only does ElectroYogi have more “cred”, she saves more “bread”!
How cool is that?
Look at this (click to enlarge)

ElectroYogi local business gets nationwide exposure with Nicks Web Works

ElectroYogi local business gets nationwide exposure with Nicks Web Works SEO web design

You see? What are you waiting for? EZ payment plans available! Call or email Now!
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